Bijaknyee…Anak Sapa Ni?

Note: Come to think of it, playing gasing in zero-G may result in something. It is in nature that spinning object creates outward force. Space stations create illusions of gravity that way. But who knows, a spinning gasing may inspire a device to actually create a gravitational field?

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, this did not happen there and then, but instead, here in Malaysia, not so long ago.

Government Servant (GSA): Sir, I have good news from the Russians!

Minister B (MB): what? Are they going to lower the price of their Sukhoi?

GS : Better! Thay are giving us 2 free seats in their next mission to space! May I have it? I’ve always want to feel the fresh cool breeze of space.

MB : Free seats! This is good. No, you can’t have it. I think I should go, on a honeymoon with my new wife.

GS : (Sulking) but you have the election to prepare. People want to their leader to at least appear on the same ground as them.

MB : oh, my, you’re right. Okay then, we’ll make it a contest to determine who’s going.

GS : Maybe we can use the SMS voting system! Like the show on TV! (this idea was scrapped off later)

MB : Now that’s the spirit. Now what are they going to do out there?

GS : They could conduct experiments on things like the effect of haze on the stratosphere, exosphere and the Ozone layer, or map the whole Malaysia on Google Earth, so we can at least rely on a more recent map, rather than the 3 years old one.

MB : That’s boring. Malaysians want something unique. Something that no other astronauts have thought of doing. Something that can show the Russians and the Americans that we are civilised, and we are moving into the future. Oh, I know…get a paper and write this down.

GS : I’m ready, sir.

MB : We’ll train our guys to make teh tarik and roti canai, play traditional games and maybe do a little traditional dance and music. Then they’ll show those space monkeys we can do what no one else have even thought of doing. We’ll play batu seremban or tudung botol or zero point in zero gravity. Hahahaha! Get it? Zero Point in Zero Gravity…hahaha..!

GS : Err…yeah. Are you high on something, sir?

MB : Off course I’m serious. We’ll, I’m a bit sugar-high from the teh tarik in the meeting, but I’m sure this is what we should do. Who knows, the astronauts love our food so much, that they would request our cooks to cook them dinner! Imagine a Malaysian being the first man to open a restaurant in space. And we’re selling Roti Canai!

GS : Ooookay (scratches head)….I really think giving me the seats would be a better idea…

MB : Nonsense. Now go call the reporters. We’ll show them that batu seremban is not only playable in Seremban, it’s a universal game!

Gs : Sigh…right away, sir.


5 responses to “Bijaknyee…Anak Sapa Ni?”

  1. u know what? the possibilities about them getting ‘high’ on teh tarik is making sense by the minutes.

    gawdammit. did the goverment really hired these ppl to be our voice? demmmmmm..