Happy Feet, Happy Ears!

I’d say, if you have a good ear for music, and also a good eye for beautiful 3d animations, don’t miss out on Happy Feet. The soundtrack alone is emotionally moving, not to mention the realism of the environment up North.

It’s actually a simple time-tested story of an outcast, for his difference, trying to find a place in society. Mumble (Elijah Woods), was born unable to sing, unlike the other Emperor Penguins (yes, it’s mostly about penguins). He instead, have a knack for dancing and cooking up a beat with his feet (in human term – tap-dancing).

Some have said that this movie is a homage to a tap-dancing legend, but I’m not too sure about that. One thing I’m sure of, is this is like a concert. It’s not a musical per se, but music itseld is a character in this movie.

You’ll be amazed how silent the cinema is when the sad part, and I believe, that that is thanks to the bombardment of our senses.

If you’re looking for hot scenes, then walk away, since there’s almost no human appearance in this movie, but penguins, orcas, and other inhabitants of the Antartic.

And, as a reminder, should you be muching on a fish-related snack, finish it by the first 40 minutes, or you might be unwilling to finish it by the end of the movie. And oh, you might even want to release all animals in captivity too!

Go Watch!


5 responses to “Happy Feet, Happy Ears!”

  1. Err…penguins live down SOUTH not north. There are no penguins in the north pole because it’s just one sheet of ice. Emperor Penguins live in Antarctica. 🙂

  2. Oh ya.. happy feet is a great show..

  3. oppsss…. that’s the wrong profile.. this should be the right one

  4. i haven’t watch the movie, but sure i will go and watch. Must be very happy and fun movie.

  5. kamigoroshi : Oh, is that so? I don’t know about that..come to think of it, did the movie mention north or south? must watch again..

    jesslyn : glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

    she’s jess : err…okay…

    jenny : it is fun to watch, pleasing to the eye, but with a dark twist near the end…