Imagine If This Was a Malware

Luckily this was a warning from a legitimate software (I got it as a package with my video camera). If it was a malware, I would have marvelled at those who fall for this. But then, there’s always phishing, right?


6 responses to “Imagine If This Was a Malware”

  1. emmanuel :The installer asks me to shut down my antivirus. if it’s a malware, it’s like saying
    “we’re going to infect this PC, but having problems with your Antivirus. Please shut down the Antivirus and Firewall, and uninstall it if necessary. This installation will not proceed unless you do so.”

    sungguh bersopan malware itu.

  2. Hmm, careful there my friend… just because it comes from a legitimate sources doesn’t mean that its not a malware. Examples:

    1) It is reported that some of the Apple Video Ipod comes with a trojan malware that only infects windows OS PC. it was reportedly infected fromthe factory thus user that connects their newly bought Ipod Video will got their system infected. How? the trojan launch a program that makes windows to automatically run the rouge program whenever user double-click their Ipod Video from My Computer GUI.

    2) Sony Music was caught distributing a rootkit program inside their Original Music CD. So any uesr that plays their Original Sony Music produced Audio CD at a computer, will get the rootkit installed inside their respective OS. Sony management has reportedly saying that their action is to make sure that none of their user try to copy and mass distribute original content using p2p networks. The rootkit however was used by hackers as a backdoor to infected PC, and it is reported that retail antivirus software is INCAPABLE of cleaning or deleting the rootkit malware.

    3) FlashGet, the Free Download Manager widely used by us UMSKAL student is actually an ad-ware software that clogged the network bandwith if used without controlled. Removing the ad-ware will render FlashGet useless, and any attempt to reinstall FlashGet will get the ad-ware to reinstall itself, along with FlashGet… so now we know why UMSKAL net connection sucks…

    4) WGA stands for Windows Genuine Advantage program… aka Microsoft way of snooping on your system… aka spyware…

    thats only 4 situation that i can mention from mind, but i’ve seen other scenario where malware comes from legitimate application or website.