Becoming The Ones We Hate

I love to teach. I’d take any oppoturnity that I can get to teach somebody. I’ve even several drafts of things I’d like to teach the readers of this blog (if you want to learn about it, that is). I believe, some of my posts are actually an attempt to teach, don’t you think so?

But I don’t like to teach half-way. I want them (whose whom I’m teaching) to undertand the fundamental concepts, at least, before going on further. Many times, when somebody asks me about something, I’ll be explaining it from A to Z, even if what s/he’s asking is already somewhere in the middle.

That’s why, I’ve lashed out to those who rush me into teaching them something, when I believe they do not have the fundamental support. I know, I’m doing assumptions on somebody. In my defence, I’d like to point out how I hated repeating myself over some basic matter, and in the end had to teach on the fundamentals all over.

Having said that, today I’m being the very kind of people I despise. I was asking somebody from the HR Dept to teach me and my VB programmer the formula to process our salary (for a project we’re on), when he starts on some fundamental concept. I had several “Dengar la dulu, kena paham konsep dia dulu…” (listen first, you need to understand the concept first…) lashed out to me, to the amusement of the whole department.

I know, starting from the start may cause the listener/student feel that I’m starting to babble incessantly, It’s for the sake of the teaching process. How the heck I’m going to talk about Caustics and Subscattered Illumination when one does not know the concept of digital lighting, or even the basic physics of light?

It’s bad enough that we hated someone, or at least his/her traits, it’s worse when we ourselves are doing the exact thing we hated them for doing. Just look at us driving. We scolded the car in front of us, who entered our lane without any signal, just do do the same thing minutes later?

Are we becoming the person we are hating? Or are we hating ourself, that we hated when someone is doing what we would’ve done in their place?


3 responses to “Becoming The Ones We Hate”

  1. For all the times u keep banging me for working for a big company- there u have a HR Dept,Ergo, your company must be big.Ergo, you were wrong to hentam me for working in a big company in the first place.Ergo, you should buy me lunch.Ergo, ergo.Um.Now thats what I call Ergo-nomics.

  2. emmanuel : My HR Dept is consisted of 1 person, which is the mother of my director. She is the Dept it self! how much bigger can that be!

  3. emmanuel : oh, and i forgot to mention, the fella who lashed at me was the finance manager cum admin assistant cum runner…hehe…best tak my company