The Largest Media Entity In Malaysia

If this news is true, then Media Prima Bhd is well on it’s way to become the largest Media Entity in Malaysia. Media Prima, currently holding 26 companies (including the recent Big Tree acquisition), at at least 40%.

After Air Asia and Nineteen Oh-One (1901), this is another growing Malaysian company that I’m admiring. They grew from scratch, and now becoming a reputable giant. Much like Google, when it came out. Look at it about 10 years later…In fact, this Blogger is one of Google‘s.


3 responses to “The Largest Media Entity In Malaysia”

  1. Why does the guy post all this links?
    Wait… is that even human posting it? coz i smell tracker bot at works here…

  2. kaz : takyah cium pun dah tau..delete dah pun..but still not worrying sampai nak kena letak word verification lagi…

  3. Actually its kinda scarry. It’s very unhealthy to have 1 company monopolising an industry. Furthermore it’s media industry. They have the perfect tool to shape public opinion. They will bombard us with what they think is the best for the public, when in actual sense they just wanna maintain the rulers hegemony. They will decide what news for us to read N watch. Anything against their ruling master will be blocked.

    And I don’t think they started from scratch. It was just a corporate restructuring involving MRCB and a few other companies.