2006ed (Past Tense)

First and foremost I’d like to apologise for my Hiatus. my life have been pretty cramped, and the unstable Internet connection and the fact that I’m denied of Internet usage in office isn’t helping. Not that I’m blaming anyone, but it seems that everytime I have time to blog, the connection died on me. Everybody’s having trouble acessing servers that’s based in the West, it seems.

Then I got this sudden lack of interest to do anything related to Internet! I don’t even read blogs as before, nor do I write as much. Now that is alarming. Maybe it’s just I’m dead tired back from office, and I’d prefer to have a less mind related activity.

Or maybe that December was one Hell of a stressful month. First off, I’ve just broke off with her after almost 5 years. No, it’s not that we’re hating each other, far from it. And it’s not that we’re cheating on each other either. There’s just some issue between us, and It’s best we move on with our own lives, before it’s too late.

Then there’s work, and my Internet priviledge were revoked. Can’t complain, since it is MY fault, for not researching thoroughly before embarking on a technology to do bad things. No, I didn’t watch porn in the office. There’re 2 ladies beside me, and that alone would’ve stop me from doing so. Wouldn’t want my innocent facade to fall off, right?

To top it off, I embarked on a side-income project that made my usual end-of-the-year broke session (as if I’m not on any other days) a bit tolerable. But that took quite a lot of my spare time, since I only have several hours every evening to finish it.

Come January, and I’m looking forward to start off fresh. I’m trying to get a better foothold in the world, where I could at least set some money off for savings. But with my reunion project around the corner, I’m not making it my resolution, since it’ll be broken not in less than 30days into the year. In fact, my only resolution is to start fresh, as fresh as the morning dew…


2 responses to “2006ed (Past Tense)”

  1. I know this falls in the LATE zone but i hope it’s not TOO, Happy New Year Lizzam!! Bright colourful days ahead i hope 🙂

  2. Happy New Year to you too…I too hope it’ll be colorfull days from now on…but most of the colors I hope reflected from the paper thingies we use to trade with stuff…hehe