2 Out of 6 Ain't Enough, Love

On Monday, I won a screening pass for the movie Epic Movie, scheduled to hit the screen sometime next week, I think. I had seen the trailer on Apple’s trailer site before, and it looked good. And since it’s written by 2 out of six who wrote Scary Movie 1-4, it shouldn’t be as bad as say, Shriek, right?

You see, Scary Movie is the cleverest spoof movies of all time, par none. It’s funny without even trying too hard, unlike the others that followed.

So what do I have to say about Epic Movie?

It’s lucky that I got to watch this free. I had to buy another ticket for another movie afterwards to wash off the sick feeling after watching it. It tried too hard to incorporate too many movies into one, and what’s worse, is its toilet humor.

A little toilet humor is funny. A bit more is tolerable. Too much makes me squirm in my seat wishing the movie to end. But every 10 minutes, nuts would be kicked, someone farted, or someone plays sudoku with his pee. And it is done so deliberately, it’s a cheap clown show.

About the movie references. In Scary Movie, most of the references were made in such a way that it seems that the reference were made AFTER the story was written. In Epic Movie, Shriek, and other ‘cheap’ spoof movies, it seems that the story were written just to include the spoofs in it.

The only time I genuinely laughed was when the pirate introduces himself as Captain Jack Swallows.

Get it? (:p)

To be fair, there are viewers who enjoy this movie. I’m just not in the same brainwave as them.
The starting shows promise, but wanders off half way.

I give it 2/5