When Cleavage Acts Better Than The Actor

If anyone asks me what I think about the Ghost Rider movie, I’d say:

Excellent! Eva’s cleavage’s acting is superb! Better than Nicholas Cage’s!!!

And if someone wants to know the summary about this movie, I’d go:

It’s a movie about a biker from hell where ALL the clothes Eva Mendes’ wear shows her cleavage!

What more can I say? Some of the scripts are funny, but the actings are not. The effects are cool, but the scenes are not.

Although it’s a bit better than Daredevil and Elektra (all three directed my Mark Steven Johnson), there’s no story in it. In a world where we have Batman Begins, Superman, Spiderman, Spawn, X-Men and even Fantastic Four movies.

Oh yeah, if you’d think about comparing Spawn and GR, go on. Just DO NOT attempt to compare the 2 movies. Spawn is FAAAARRRR better than GR. Maybe they want to tap into the family/children’s market like Fantastic Four, but Like DD and Elektra, it sucks.

Marvel, if you’re reading this, please don’t give any more rights to MSJ, and don’t corrupt the cool images of the comic characters you have by letting this fella make a movie out of it.

MSJ is the Prof Maddy of the Comic-to-Film genre. Enough said.

The best part of my RM6 spent watching this movie is the excellent THX cinema hall in Summit, and watching a guy got scolded for talking on the phone loudly in the middle of the movie. Now I don’t know what happened in San Vaganza…or whatever the place is called.


2 responses to “When Cleavage Acts Better Than The Actor”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    seriously, i’ve been staring at her’s more than i enjoy watching walking-burning-skeleton.yep,must say it hooked me up till the end of the movie.

    –she who talks–

  2. she who talks : well, coming from a ‘she’, I’d must say that it is THAT bad, or you just like to watch other’s cleavages…yummy…:P