Who Says It's Easy Being The Last?

  • If our siblings are successful, we have to be on par or higher, no less.
  • If our siblings are not successful, we carry the burden of being the best, no matter the cost, for the sake of the family’s name.
  • We have to be the best, since our parents have been ‘experimenting’ with the elder siblings, so they expect the best to come out of us.
  • Most of the time we’ll have to wait for our siblings to marry before it’s our turn, no matter how ready we are.
  • If our siblings did some mistakes when they’re young, we will be the one restricted to do many things, in the name of “protection”.
  • We don’t have the privilege to be “looked up to” by our family. Maybe their children would.
  • We get to be instructed to do this and that, in a sense of seniority.
  • Our thoughts may not be accepted,as compared to our siblings, as they are older and “more matured”.
  • People act around us, as if we’re a stereotypical spoiled kid, for being the last.
  • People respect us less when they know we’re the last child in the family.
  • We had to be a burden to our older siblings if the family is not doing well. How may cases have you heard where the last child skipped school and work to make sure the eldest stay in school/college.
  • Parents uses more jealousy-related encouragements with us, especially amongst siblings and close relatives, rather than the older siblings.
  • If there’s inheritance of possessions, we get to get the used things. Of course some lucky ones would get new ones (as in my case, since 12 years age gap with my youngest elder sibling is too long for something to be inherited).

But hey, we have to love our family, don’t we?

did I miss anything?


3 responses to “Who Says It's Easy Being The Last?”

  1. How may cases have you heard where the last child skipped school and work to make sure the eldest stay in school/college.

    huh? i only had heard the opposite case.

  2. wanted to comment of the same thing.

    It’s the other way around la.

    U wanna get married is it? They say the youngest are the most spoilt but i think the youngest are the ones that are independent. They do things own their own. Rarely seek favors. Fierce defender of their parents too.

  3. Intan : That’s exactly the point. Usually it’s the other way around. the youngest HAD to be a burden to the elder, just because of age and seniority. We get to be blamed if they had to leave school, and the elder siblings would be respected for doing so.

    rotidua : sapa tak nak kawin cik kak oooi… neing the last child, I’m not saying that we’re not spoilt, nor do our parents spoil us. but not all, since some are even more independent than their elder siblings. Those mention by you fall into this category, since maybe they want to prove the others are wrong about them being spoilt