The Story of a Mat Rempit Whose Ride was Confiscated

Once, there’s a mat rempit by the name of Mail. He leads a double life. During the day, he works as a brick layer in a construction site. But during the night, he’s the famous Mat Rempit Kalumpang Ago-go team leader. With his trusted Yamaha, he conquered the circuit along main roads in From KL to Sabak Bernam.

He loves his ride so much, that he have a parking lot, only for his ride!

Unlucky for him, he got arrested one night, when he was rempiting along some undisclosed highway, straight into a Police road block. Given his reputation, the Police wasted no time in detaining him, and confiscating his ride. He was released under bail by his boss, since there’s nobody else to do his job.

And so, for several days, Mail spent his nights NOT rempiting, but his addiction makes him uneasy. By the 3rd night, he went to his workplace, to see if there’s any motorcycle he can borrow for the night.

To his disappointment, nobody wants to lend him their ride, for they are afraid o losing it to the police. Mail dragged his feet, and proceed solemnly home.

Upon exiting the construction yard, he walked past the motorcycle shed, and he saw all the motorcycles was locked, but theres one that’s not. Nobody have ever attempted to Rempit using that one before. So if he wins, everybody would respect him! In fact, there may be others who look up to him who’ll follow the trend HE set.

That night, he want racing with a new ride!


5 responses to “The Story of a Mat Rempit Whose Ride was Confiscated”

  1. heehee… so canggih lah! but wont it be extra heavy?

  2. aahhahahahhahah

    the police will sure give up chase

  3. chloe :It’s heavy because of all the extra horsepower… ๐Ÿ˜›

    rotidua :they need to chase meh? just walk alongside Mail also can beat him in a race… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. lawak gila la.
    mana ko dapat idea ni.

  5. O-Paloma-Blanca : memula aku nampak gamba no 2 tu, tu yang aku dapat idea tuh…:P