Back To School

I’m going to be teaching English to form 3 students end of this month. anybody can give me a hint? I don’t even know what did I learn a decade ago (gosh… it’s that long already?) , much more the syllabus today.

And what if the kids are rebellious, and want to kick my fragile but cute butt?



6 responses to “Back To School”

  1. DJ : hahaha….paedofilius repellus!

    tapi kalau dah cukup umur apa salahnye…hehe

    Noor Azlina : Attend my class then..i’ll present you my fragile but cute butt on a silver platter… :p

  2. do what i do… use self-deprecating humour to win the hearts of your students. you have to be professional but don’t take it TOO seriously. don’t be offended by young, curious and challenging minds… and one more important thing… don’t be afraid of using your geek creds… you know, stuff like, ‘i was watching Transformers when most of you were still just a twinkle in your daddy’s eye.’