I guess you’ve heard the disappointments of Stephen Chow’s fan after watching this movie. They said it’s not as funny like his other movie, or not as good. Some even said that Chow’s acting was not up to par, that the boy character (she’s a girl, actually, so I’m a bit confused which gender I shall use) took all the limelight from Chow.

To me, those who said that missed the point entirely. 1st, the main star of this movie is not Chow (as Ti), but Xu Jiau as Dicky, Ti’s son. 2nd, this movie is made for the family, and the kids. So no crass mo lei tau (slapstick) jokes, just family friendly ones. Even so,m I noticed a scene got chopped, and the scene only involves kids. All in all, those who said that, didn’t get to listen to what Chow was trying to say. I guess it’s obvious, since he used the same dialogue several times in the movie.

Chow plays Ti, a single father who’s working as a construction worker. He’s living with his son, Dicky (Xu Jiau), and on certain point, he’s an excellent father. Although they’re dirt poor, living in a torn-down building, and wears worn clothes, Ti still gives the best for his son. He sends him to a private school, and tries to provide Dicky with anything that he needs.

Their relationship, are something that we can be envious of. Ti is strict, but loving father. This can be shown when he wants to give Dicky a beating for cheating, and goes through a series of objects to use, before settling on a flimsy newspaper roll. His voice sounds stern, but his actions shows that he can’t bear hitting his son too hard.

Being poor, both has challenges at school and at work. At school, Ti was bullied for being too poor, and Ti had to work very hard for them to survive.

Things starts to get interesting when Ti found a thing that he thought was a toy, but it was actually out of this world, literally. It turns to be a cute alien that befriends Dicky.

I love this movie for all the messages it has. I’m sure it’s a hit with kids and adults alike, so that parents can bring their kids for a moral lesson they’ll enjoy. Not to mention that parents can learn to be like Ti.

This is by far, the cleanest movie, made by Chow. I mean, production-wise. Effects are done almost flawlessly, that audience fell in love with CJ7, the alien. Visuals are similarly clean, with great cinematography.

On the jokes department, I experienced the similar effect that I have when watching Buli Balik a couple of years ago (has it been that long?). Some of the audiences (at least those in the same hall as mine that time) thought that this will be a laugh all along movie, that even when Dicky was crying his hearts out, they laughed. Who wouldn’t be pissed off when you’re holding back your tears as to not cry in public, but some others are laughing.

All in all, I love this movie. I’d watch it with my 5 years old (if I have one), to have him learn about life and respect, if not for that we may not understand Chinese. Just tell them not to swat roaches with their bare hands, or ask you to join them doing so.

I give it a 4 / 5