How to Appear Smart and Wise

While chatting, be it online or live, there are ways to make you appear smart and wise, much like those gurus on top of the hill in a cage, with long white beard and all.

Find an object that’s easy to recognise. If you can find an object that can be seen everyday, but went unnoticed because it’s not important, that’s better.

Find a characteristic of the object, which should be commonly known, and easily spotted.

Start your “words of wisdom” with “A wise man once said”, and add the objects and the characteristic. With practice, you can construct you sentence similar to what a wise man would say, or even make a counter phrase.

End your sentence with you head looking up a bit, and nod knowingly slowly.


Object – A Cat in A Cage
Characteristic – Cat can be a pet.

Sentence : A wise man once said, a cat in a cage, is always somebody’s pet. *look up*,*nods*

And there you go…


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