Max Payne

Chow Yuen Fatt introduced the jump-sideways-and-shoot-with-a-gun-in-each-hands-in-slow-motion to Hollywood, and everybody says it was cool, if not over-the-top.

The Matrix introduced bullet time, and every other movie tries to use it every now and then.
Then Max Payne (the game) enables users to (sort of) experience both Chow Yuen Fatt skills and Bullet Time in a game environment. Not only that, it also includes a decent storyline, and graphic novel-like storytelling.
But it must be so wrong when I was eager for a bullet time scene in Max Payne (the movie) to end, since it was so slow and agonizing. I can’t remember much of the story (mind you, I just watch it less than a week ago), not to mention the scenes. Characters are forgettable, mainly because I just have no interest in the movie anymore.
The story follows the titular character (played by Mark Wahlberg) in the quest of finding the killer of his wife and child. That’s all I can tell about this movie, as the rest, is just efforts by the director and the scriptwriter to fill in the blanks for about 2 hours.
On contrary of what many people criticised, I agreed upon the casting of Mark Wahlberg as Max, since he is exactly like how it was potrayed in the game – with no facial expression whatsoever. Just like Keanu in the Matrix, this kind of acting is actually well suited to the character, regardles of the fact that the expression shown is the only expression these two ‘actors’ know how to do best.
Scenery are in most part, in line with the game, with the neo-noir look. Snow plays a crucial part in the set, since it sets the mood, and like in most neo-noir movies, colors the scene with contrast. The movie would be more interesting if done in still shots and speech bubbles. At least I have less reason to sleep through it.
All in all, this movie is not worth watching in the movies. Do not watch if you haven’t play the game, or not interested to, unless if you have insomnia, then you’ll be cured in an instant. If you’re a fan of the game, stay even farther, or else you’ll find yourself in front of the director’s house (John Moore), threating to stab him with a spoon.
If you still want to watch it, wait until Speedy Videos have them on a bundle rack with clearance discount.
2/5 stars

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