After writing the review for Eagle Eye, I realised that I missed the movie that showed Shia LeBeouf the door to international stardom. I won’t get into details, since this is a 2007 movie.

Disturbia is a simple movie about a simple boy who lost his father in a freak accident, thus causing him to lose track of his life. After a year, he was still traumatised by the incident, that he punched a teacher just by the mention of his father. That, caused him to be in house arrest and so the main plot device is set.
The movie is a so-so movie. Nothing extravagant. even Shia‘s acting, if not because of his other movies, wouldn’t leave any mark in my memory, except for 1 scene.
Among the first plot device – the death of his father in a freak accident – was made in a way that viewers can and most probably will be affected by it. It was so sudden, right when everything was so sweet and nice, showed the gruesomeness of accidents, and why people are affected by it.
Others, weren’t anything special. But then it’s in a good way. Nothing extravagant, nor out of the ordinary, making it more believable.
I won’t rate this movie or anything. Just that I need to mention how traumatised I am by that scene. Worth the watch, definitely.