For those who live and breathe the Internet, using internet jargons are a part of their lives, much like using handphones, going to the loo, or even using telepathy to send signals to other drivers that you’re switching lanes.

But then again, It’s not normal to see anybody actually doing it. So as many times you’re using ‘LOL’ or ‘ROTFL’, it is very rare that you’re actually rolling on the floor, laughing.

However, this guy, I think, took a facebook originated action ‘poke’ a little too seriously. I mean, he might be the guy in Facebook ‘poking’ everybody in his friend’s list 3 times in an hour, just to get the kick of it.

But then, when not enough, he starts doing it in real time.

Get a life, dude!


2 responses to “Poke!”

  1. kes bomoh tu ke? kehkehkeh

  2. pye:rudz tak kes mamat naik motor, lepas tu poke2 orang kat traffic light guna besi.

    klik la kat link tu kot ye pun..bab bomoh tu gak yg ko exited ek..