Maybank2u Facelift

Several weeks ago, Maybank’s web front, Maybank2u, has started to implement a facelift. This is a welcome change, since the old design was already bloated with unnecessary Flashes, GIFs, and advertisements.

But then at that time, only the front page, and the public pages (those not requiring any login) have been changed. Those pages within the login access still use the old design.
Now, all (as far as I know) have been ported to the new design, and I have to say, it’s refreshing. AJAX loading, rounded corners, and most importantly, no more intrusive adverts (for now), no more flashing useless animations and a professional look all around.
With all the junk thrown away, the site is noticably faster, although still lagging as compared to Public Bank’s PB e-Bank which dedicated server is in Dallas (not confirmed) is amongst the fastest I’ve seen! Having said that, Maybank has taken the logical step towards the improvement of it’s web offerring. 
Well done!
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