Movies of 2009 #1

I’ve mentioned way back in January about the list of movies I was planning to watch this year. I think I’ve hit most of it, save a few which i haven’t got time nor the chance to watch. so here’s a snipview (snippets of reviews) from the list:

  • 9
    I expected a lot from this movie, but in the end, it’s more like Japanese animes and movies that provides social commentary through heavy thinking, masked by very stylish or childish set pieces. The animation is well drawn albeit the small area of which the movie is set in seems, less grand. And to mix theology and mechanics, it’s a bit too much to absorb.
  • The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
    This is an interesting movie, with interesting effects and interesting storytelling. If only i’m more moved by the love story, this would be a great movie. It really reminds me of Forest Gump. Especially on the characters that surrounds Benjamin.
  • Astroboy
    I didn’t go for this one. Still interested, but since it’s no more in the cinema, i’ll have to use other means.
  • Terminator Salvation
    Not Bad, really. I loved the opening scenes when John’s helicopter is shot down. I just wished there’d be more terminators roaming the streets. and since the humans actually have a base built on the ground, I wonder why it’s not attacked yet.
  • Watchmen
    If you like the book than this is better. It’s as if it has been pulled off from the pages. for collectors, do look for Watchmen Ultimate Cut (Yes, movies now follow Window’s selling strategy). This version combines the Watchmen Director’s Cut AND the Black Freighter.

  • Ice Age 3
    I didn’t really prefer the first Ice Age, and also the second. But this one, is worth watching and re-watching. I love the storytelling and the slapsticks and jokes actually helps. Even Scrat is lovable in this movie.
  • Star Trek
    This is a good movie. Fast paced, not boring, but still nerdy. Having said that I don’t really enjoy it as much. To me, it’s just another movie “re-bourned”, similar to what happened to Bond and currently, Holmes.
  • 2012
    I haven’t wathced this one. I’ll try to catch the show this week, or get a copy of it later. I’ve heard mixed reviews of this movie, but I’m not putting my money on the story, based on the trailers. Effects seems top notch, but as disaster genre goes, Deep Impact have tugged at my heart the most.
…to be continued…