Movies of 2009 #2

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  • Papadom
    Darn funny movie, as with other Afdlin’s movies, but not his best. I was waiting for the heart-tugging moment, but it wasn’t delivered to me, even when Afdlin was crying for real. I guess, it’s the same effect when I watched Buli Balik, that I cannot accept the idea that the movie was serious, but funny, not seriously funny. Que Haidar, Nurkhiriah and Harun Salim Bachik deserves high praise for their role, and for the first time i saw Farid Kamil “act”. Yes, I didn’t even recognise him until I heard his name mentioned by a movie commentator several rows behind me. Do watch to the end for the 18sx scene with Que Haidar and Liyana Jasmay! I found this graph from obefiend and found it to be very apt! i love the graphs man..

  • Up
    The first movie that made me want to cry within the first 10 minutes. it’s not as funny as Cars, nor as cute as Incredibles, but true to Pixar’s tradition, it’s still a masterpiece. Go watch if you haven’t. Cuddle up beside your loved ones, and press play.
  • Monsters vs Aliens
    Apart from B.O.B, i didn’t enjoy this movie. Sure, I can finish watching it, but not enjoy it. not even with Hugh Laurie voicing an evil genius cochroach.
  • X-Men: Origins
    Watchable, but lame. Bloodless, silly and lame. Not as bad as Street Fighter: Chun Li though.

  • Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen
    Too long, too flashy, too fast, but not worse than the first one, in fact, IMHO, better. I’d watch it again for 2 reasons, 1 is that Mikaela has her own transformation scene, and the awesome forest battle.
  • G.I. Joe
    True to the cartoon series’ spirit, this movie actually delivers. it’s mindless fun, where logic is not needed, and if you’re not a physics PhD looking for actual science, it’s a fun ride. I had issues with cobra commander’s helmet, though.
  • Muallaf
    Only recently, this movie is released in Malaysia, after so long Singaporeans have the privilege of watching the world premiere. Have yet to watch it, though.
  • Land Of The Lost
    Not a fan of Colin Farrel, and after this movie, that doesn’t change. But I love the effects in this movie. One of the best effect I’ve seen in a movie.
  • Tokyo!
    Haven’t got the chance to watch this yet.
  • Planet 51
    It’s only released recently, and i’ll try to go and watch it later.

  • Fanboys
    It’s a brilliant take on fanatics and nerds, using a roadtrip set piece to move the story. My favourite part is the last line mentioned in the movie, which after seeing the boys man themselves up to watch the Star Wars I: Phamtom Menace before it’s released.