2 Hati 1 Jiwa

I know I’ve dissed Prof Razak Mohaideen’s movies before this, but believe me not, I have never managed to finish any of his movies, even those before the Anak Mami series. The closest I’ve got was Cinta Kolesterol and Duyung.

Then I thought, I did enjoy Laila Isabella (not Prof’s) because I saw it in the cinema. Had I watch it at home, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

So when I was offered a ticket for the Malam Gala 2 Hati 1 Jiwa, I took it with 2 objectives set in mind, one is to take pictures with artists, especially the female ones, and to try and watch a movie by Prof in the cinema.

So now, I can readily say that I tried to, but his movie, while technically sound, seems more like a student’s project rather than an actual film. There’s cheesy lines that makes you cringe, single dimensional characters, scenes that doesn’t have any function in the movie, and really really weak storytelling that makes you wonder what the heck had just happened.

You know that a good storyteller should build up his story from a simple but interesting intro, then introduces the character, and then build up to the climax, and ends the story either with a bang, or shortly after that. Seriously, I have more sense of drama trying to watch a sinetron like Bawang Putih Bawang Merah or tear-fest like those Samarinda slot series. There’s no dynamic in the story telling.

Feels like having sex and realizing that your partner had dozed off, or you yourself fall asleep.

Simply put, unless you just want to watch Fahrin Ahmad, Yasmin Hani, Fouziah Ghous, or anybody in this movie, then don’t. No wonder Fahrin came AFTER the movie ended (or when the movie almost ended, I think), just to attend the press conference…