Thank you for finally be able to call me. I’ve submitted my form to pay to you (you see how dedicated your customers are? We need to fill up form and wait anxiously for to pay you money) weeks ago,so i would be able to pay the last bit of my loan.

I know, that I owe you for allowing me to owe you money in the first place, but i guess i shouldn’t after paying an extra 60% in interest.

All i needed was the final amount that i need to pay. I really want to give you my money.

So when you finally called, I was relieved, even though you actually called me, asking me when will I pay. How lucky the caller was, since I have prepared my speech if this call should come.

I don’t understand. Why is it so hard of you to let me go? Now i need to close another account I set in order to get this loan done. Then, (I hope,) we will leave each other at peace.