What to wear during an interview

An ex student asked me,what do i look for in an interviewee’s attire. I’d say this is a better and in depth question regarding what to wear to an interview.

It depends, really on the job,the work environment and the generic nature of the job scope it self. A designer would come in with jeans and t-shirt, and still get the job, whereas a sales position would require at least slacks, shirt and tie.

For me, in my line of work and those i’m interviewing, since we don’t directly meet clients, a loose sense of formal would do,as to preserve a professional looking work environment, while not making strict attire something that could hamper progress.

A person like me, would rather look if the interviewee is wearing a watch, and if the watch is timed correctly. If not, is it later or earlier (earlier is better). Earlier timed watch means discipline and patience, and an oddly timed watch may mean he’s trying to improve his math (try telling the time from a watch that is 27 minutes earlier.) Someone with no watch seems like someone who does not value time as much.

Ties, coats, blazers is overrated in a developer’s interview, but is highly recommended for managerial or diplomatic positions.

If all this is too confusing, you can’t go wrong with a simple shirt,slacks and tie combo. What I usually do is, i bring the tie in my bag, and observe the office first. if needed, I’ll just make a short detour to the loo to wear my tie, before I report in for tje interview. Remember, before entering the office, not after!

Always wear a belt, and if the shoe is shiny, make sure it shines. that shows discipline and neatness.