Smartwatches in IFA 2014

Have been following up with the smartwatch launches, especially during the IFA 2014.

After the initial announcement of Moto 360, Gear Live and G Watch during Android Wear launch, Asus Zenwatch, LG G Watch R, Sony SmartWatch 3 and Samsung Gear S was launched.

Apart from Gear S, The other are all running on Android Wear. However, many of these focus on differentiating themselves via the look department. Probably they’re trying to woo the market, which is still not quite embracing wearable tech.

Having owned a Gear 2, which runs on Tizen, I am eyeing the development of Android Wear and its hardwares. Sadly, while the software can be updated to do more, there are still more physical functionality on my watch than these new ones, and it still runs 100% longer on a single charge.

I was hoping to see at least one other manufacturer than Samsung attempts to break mold and introduce something new, but not seeing any yet. Apple might introduce NFC which would be awesome, and a camera would be nice.

Having said that, only Moto 360 has an ambient light sensor, which should save more battery, the achilles heel of smartwatch these days.