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  • Updated: I Need Your Help – Criminal Wanted

    This post will be displayed here for a month, or until the man is apprehended, whichever comes first. * 20 Feb 2007: updates highlighted in red Dear all. I would like to ask for your cooperation to detect this Chinese man, who had stolen a bag from a friend of mine. This incident happened in […]

  • What happened to

    Many had asked, what happened to my previous blog. Well, I can’t really say, but simply put, it has been deleted. Intentionally or not, or by whom, I don’t know. Blogger isn’t replying my inquiries, and nobody else have access to my account (none that I know of, at least). It happened on Saturday, mostly […]

  • Resurrected

    It’s ALIVE!!! IT”S ALIIIIVVEEEEE…. but with different url…: (:p)