What happened to bluqube.blogspot.com?

Many had asked, what happened to my previous blog. Well, I can’t really say, but simply put, it has been deleted. Intentionally or not, or by whom, I don’t know. Blogger isn’t replying my inquiries, and nobody else have access to my account (none that I know of, at least).

It happened on Saturday, mostly since the morning. Bluqube.blogspot was blocked from my office, so I can’t be sure, but a Google search on “Lizzam” that morning results in only 500+ search results, rather than the usual 2000 results.

That night, when I was intending to write a post on a selfish person I saw that evening, I realised that bluqube.blogspot can’t be found. IT-lah! did not have the same problem, though. I panicked, and start searching for means to ask for help, but to no avail. I did found a Google Group on problems relating to Blogger, though, and got to know that some other blogs have the same fate as bluqube.blogspot.

The next day, DJ taught me how to copy my previous posts from Google‘s cache. I spent the whole day, copying all the posts from Google. All 65mb of it.

Monday evening, I started Lizzam.blogspot, to replace bluqube.blogspot, since I can’t get the same URL. I used the old layout, but tweaked here and there, since some of the widgets and links was directed to my old blog.

Tuesday evening, I started to re-post my old posts, starting with the latests. This will take a while, but as I post the old ones, I will still be updating new stuff!

Stay tuned!