It's a better world without grownups

I wonder, when I watch the news.
Is it worthwhile to be grown-ups?
The more we learn, the less we know.
The more we love, the more we hate.
The more we see, the less we hear.
The more similarities we found amongst us,
the more difference we consider.
And now, it seems,
the more we care, the more we hurt.

How I wish I could be kids all over again.
How I wish I could be as naive, as carefree, as careless.

They don’t know how to drive, how to cook a meal,
to divide 20 by 5, to pay the bill,
They don’t know how to hate, differentiate the colour of skin,
to seek revenge, to keep a grudge within.
They don’t know what is war, what it’s all about,
why is all the killing, destruction, horrifying news report.

And for all that they don’t know, they should be OUR teacher.

There’s no boundary, not even language. The Chinese boy was from China and doesn’t know how to speak neither English nor Malay, more over Tamil. Yet the children played with him, and was trying to converse with him. I was impressed by their naivity and curiousity, that they even managed to communicate without language. They laughed all the way, and enjoyed themselves silly. Now, as an adult, what would we do if we’re in their shoes. If we’re Bush, maybe we’d launch a pre-emptive strike against the children.

It’s a better world without grownups

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