I Went Back To My Kampung and What Did I Learn?

  1. I had trouble explaining what is “Fuel Cell” when being asked about my current job.
  2. My dad adds a new thing to the same story each time it’s re-told (kind of like in “The Big Tree”).
  3. I need to learn most of my cousin’s names. most of them I don’t know (result of being timid and “budak baik”).
  4. I need to re-learn their wives’ names and faces.
  5. I need to re-learn their children’s faces at least.
  6. My nephews have similar faces (or so it looked to me).
  7. Most of my cousins have children almost the same height as me.
  8. My nephews are now exceeding my height, I feel younger than them.
  9. I have beautiful nieces.
  10. I have nieces that I would flirt if I don’t know they’re my nieces (need to tone down my flirting, and bring up my family background before I do…).
  11. I almost become a grandfather (to my nephew’s son).
  12. If we were to do a family gathering for my family on my father’s side, we would need colour-coded uniforms, name tags, and a stadium to host the place.
  13. Singaporeans have this ‘convoy’ of beautiful cars up and down PLUS highway. Goes Very fast, mind you.
  14. 15,000 Malaysians prefer to go to Mawi AF’s open house than to go beraya to their relatives’ house on the 3rd of Raya.
  15. ATMs still use Windows, thus making them utterly vulnerable. Don’t even have antivirus. Firewall? I don’t know. Somebody enlighten me…

    I think there are more, but i’ll post them later

    3 responses to “I Went Back To My Kampung and What Did I Learn?”

    1. oit zam,jgn nurat anak sedara sendirik!aku warning diorg sumer nanti..wuu..kalau camni aku xmau bagi adik2 aku gi umah ko dah..

    2. blurryreen?are you who i think you are?if you are, don’t worry…

      1.you’re my cousin, and so are your sisters…doesn’t fall into the categories.

      2.i know you, and your sisters as my cousins, so the odds of being flirted by me is negative infinity…

      3.knowing you, i WON’T go anywhere near flriting with your sisters.thinking of you as my in law makes all my bodyly hair glow in the dark


    3. there’s no telling when ur devilish plan might end…hahaha

      having u as my in-law is the worst case scenario.i’ll definitely diagnose my ownself with evening depression if that is to happen.fortunately-it WONT!