Category: Typo-Graphy

  • Dead Man Runs Amok? Shoot Him!

    Yes, we also like to believe that the Police likes to shoot dead men. (the first paragraph has the proper spelling)

  • Big Spender

    I don’t know since when, and why, does Malaysians generally call underwear (both briefs and at times panties) “spenders”. It may derive from the word ‘Spandex’, or suspenders, but the truths still eludes me. While I know some people do laugh when they saw the film “Big Spender”, I myself did laugh at Dato’ Siti […]

  • Typo-Graphy #3

    Never Thought Jujur (Honesty) and Mesra (Friendliness) can come at a discount? To compete with Google and Yahoo, MSN went and create a new clothing line.. This boy’s obedience level, is leaps and bounds better than mine.. The Malaysian way of breaking the rules: Do it where it is most obvious! I guess the photo […]

  • Snapshot

    I was just reading today’s The Star, when I got to the Thousand Words Section. There’s a full blown image of a “Man of Steel”, shot somewhere in Bandar Sunway. There’s even another woman trying to take a snapshot of it in the photo.But something is amiss here? Can you guess what it is? Seriously, […]

  • Ikan Belanga

    Ikan kekek mak iloi…iloi…Ikan belanga mak ilai…ilai… – Milla AF5, Trek Selebriti (Astro Ria), 8 Julai 2007, 12.18.

  • Typo-Graphy #2

    Actually, there’s no typo in the “disrupt your routine…” sentence. It’s just that the idea to take the Komuter to work, just for the sake of disrupting routine, is funny to me. And coming from someone who rides the Komuter to work most of the days…believe me. It is disruptful… By disrupting my routine, and […]

  • The Most Important Room in a Building

    Last year, I posted about this sign that I saw in KL Sentral. Maybe it is a place like what Scott Adams imagine below.

  • Typo-Graphy

    For those who know me, one of my favorite pastime is to take photos of typos and funny signs. No, it’s not that my England is better than everybody’s, and I’m not fussy about articles in magazines, papers, blogs, etc. My only concern is those displayed in public areas such as signs, posters, adverts. These […]

  • Siti for Sale!

    If you listen closely to the sounds of traffic at Jalan Duta every morning you’d hear about the upcoming wedding of the year. Yes..what else than the long awaited unity of Siti Nurhaliza and her significant other (currently rumoured to be Datuk Khalid Jiwa, or Datuk K). Although this kind of news have been circulating […]

  • Pervert With A Straight Face and A Degree

    I had just endured 3 days of updating 1/3 of the inventory for my company. And I have to say, I’ve come to a conclusion: Engineers can be perverted and get away with it, easily. I’ve always thought only those profession closely linked by biology and health (e.g. Doctors, Practioners, National Geographic Journalist) can have […]