Big Spender

I don’t know since when, and why, does Malaysians generally call underwear (both briefs and at times panties) “spenders”. It may derive from the word ‘Spandex’, or suspenders, but the truths still eludes me.

While I know some people do laugh when they saw the film “Big Spender”, I myself did laugh at Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza when she sang the song “Big Spender”, not to mention the fantasies that follows.

But when it involves a President like Mugabe, I don’t want to know about his “big spenders”…

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5 responses to “Big Spender”

  1. Yeah, spenders are spinoff to suspenders. We Malaysians always love to shorten / abbreviate words.

    I forgot about this, that spenders, meant underwear. LOL.

  2. yup, so actually spenders are NOT must juz be a neutral word, ok? Lol..

    btw,i’ve already linked u…can i? this is an interesting picture blog besides saharil’s.. 😉

  3. Gallivanter : I thought suspenders are those you flung over your shoulder, and keep your pants up. much like a belt.

    Cik PMS : kalu kecik spentot. kalu Big Spender? spenmok? spenbob?

    Ara :haha..just go on and add. but to compare me with Saharil? woh woh!