Another session of After Effect rendering, another confession.

Googled the meaning of IMHO yesterday. Before this I thought it meant “I Mean, However”. Don’t know how I came to that conclusion. (IMHO: “In My Humble Opinion”)

…still rendering…

I think I’ll use the spare time to take some random words from today’s paper, create some meaning for them and try to sound like a genius.

Inquiry: in·qui·ry (ĭn-kwīr ‘ ē, ); n; A supposed process of investigation of an incident. Usually nothing was done but results are given to the press to make it looks like they have done something.

Election: e·lec·tion (ĭ-lĕk’shən); n; A process of choosing a scapegoat for all that have gone wrong including why the night is dark, why the road is black and not pink, and why Prof Maddy’s films sucks. The scapegoat may choose another scapegoat or act noble by saying,”Yes, I’m wrong. Lets paint all roads pink.”

Politics: pol·i·tics (pŏl’ĭ-tĭks); n; An exciting process of proving which party is the best and what does the other party did wrong, when all the while everybody is just being selfish and trying to get the best for only himself. In the end, some people get rich, some chairs went flying, and the emergence of people trying to sound intelligent and important by highlighting issues like “a singer sang an offkey Negaraku (while he sang Negaraku with no keys at all to prove it)” while all the time thousands of people don’t have enough to eat.

Politically Correct: pol·i·ti·cal·ly cor·rect (pŏl’ĭ-tĭk-ăl’ē kə-rĕkt’); adj; An alternate version of a word or phrase which may save you from being sued.

Politically correct: He reports directly to the boss.
Politically incorrect: He’s kissing the boss’ arse.

Summary: sum·ma·ry (sŭm’ə-rē); n; A group of letters, usually one paragraph long, to tell the boss what exactly the 80 page report inclusive of 60 graphs and illustrations are all about. In the end, you may have to explain what the summary is all about.

Rebranding: re·brand·ing (rĭ-brănd-ding); adj; A process of rewriting the company’s vision, mission, target market, company structure, process flow and basically everything else. In the end, the company will go bankrupt and some other company will use the brand and call the process “merger”.

Render Time: ren·der time (rĕn’dər tīm); n; A time when a button labeled “render” is pressed, the CPU cycle goes 100% and it is time to write nonsense in your blog. As a result the computer hangs.


5 responses to “IMHO”

  1. blurryreen Avatar

    render time= time for me to recollect my thoughts and think why am i still up at this hour of the day,instead of studying like im supposed to,im up to no good?

    dictionary of blurryreen,3rd edition

  2. Yo bro!
    I’m glad that you finally decided to blog. At least I know where I will go when I need some smiles on my face.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. etc: A sign to make others believe dat u kno mo than u actually do. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey Lizzam, keep rendering..ur words fascinates me.

  4. Bee,

    I’ve read about the “etc” but I can’t remember where. Where did you read it? Sheesh, I’m getting old.

  5. Errr..

    *scratch head*
    Me too cant remember woh.. [>_<]
    I’m getting old too..sigh..

    Sorry Lizzam, cant help u..but im sure read it somwhere in the net.