Cuti? Apa tu?

What Cuti Umum (Public Holiday) means to me in my new company:

  • A rare species
  • Once in a blue, red, white and yellow (patriotism at work) moon
  • costs RM70 a day
  • is not recognized (except those celebrated by the bosses)
  • Empty roads leading to the offices
  • closed cafeteria and probability of hunger throughout the day.
  • weird office attire worn by those who protest working in a public holiday.

I think I’ll update the lsit during the holidays when I could think of something else


3 responses to “Cuti? Apa tu?”

  1. this make me wonder dude.. mmg co. takde cuti or.. ada cuti but you chose to not cuti.. why i asked because klu mmg co. tak cuti sedangkan today supposedly cuti, you all boleh lodge complaint kan kt Jabatan Tenaga Buruh? Err.. Boleh ke? Boleh kan?

  2. haha… good thing my boss is malaysian chinese…. got cuti for 9 days….. hahahah

    wlady: bleh ker complain? Tenaga Buruh ek…. hehehe

  3. nina: well…they used a loophole in the Act: a company can choose AT LEAST 10 days of the gazetted public holiday for that particular that
    s what my company did!clever one.if i’m a boss i might agree, especially considering all the projects i’m assigned to

    kaz: good for you.but i bet you’ll miss the empty-road-drive-to-work, where you can weave left,right and middle lane and nobody would care