Been bored today, or rather unmotivated, I did what I did some half a year before: I googled my own name.

Yeah..I know…Self-obsessed. Hey, that’s also why I blog…

Ok, here’s the reason. I’d like to believe that there’s no other person, at least in Malaysia that bears my name. LIZZAM. That’s my name. 6 letters, 2 syllables, and 3 letters per syllable. Given by an Imam to my father. Originated from the word ZAM as in Zam-Zam Well in Mecca, and combined with Liz, which is the 1st part of all my siblings’ name.

Seriously, I’ve found Khairul Lizzam, Saiful Lizzam and such but no Lizzam in itself. so I googled it out and came with something interesting, at least to me.

  1. I did this about 6 month ago, and there’s only 2 pages of search results in Google. now there’s 9 pages. thanks to blogs, both mine and those I frequent.
  2. There’s an eBay account under my name, which is not mine. And since that person had an AOL account most probably he or she is an America. Most probably he is the one stated in point number 3 or 6.
  3. There’s an American by the name of Ryan Lizzam. He’s from Texas, USA. and he’s the associate editor of the New Republic. that’s all I know about him. oh, he used to have a Xanga site, under the ID malibu2010 but it’s closed already.
  4. Another Lizzam that I found was Kepala Biro Keuangan Sekretariat Daerah Provinsi (Setdaprov) NAD (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam), TM Lizzam. Anybody knows what TM means? This person was arrested in Indonesia for corruption so I would not like to be associated with him.
  5. Lizzam (Al): Settlement of affairs. In certain Ahadeeth it refers to the Battle of Badr, because it settled the affairs between the Muslims and the Kuffar (unbelievers).
  6. Another American, Billy Lizzam. Ryan’s family member?
  7. There’s a french Song by my name! Entitled Lizzam, it’s from the Best of all Zouk Gold 2003 Vol.2. Click here to listen to a part of it.
  8. I think there’s a racing horse by my name. Make that two. It’s not doing so well also. Or was it an equestrian event. Sorry, do not have much knowledge in this so better not comment too much.
  9. Lizzam‘s also the name of a moderator for Super Cool Kids Club. What’s that all about?
  10. There’s a page about Lizzam in chinese that I couldn’t translate.
  11. Last but certainly not the least, somebody did mention about me in his comment on another’s post. I was proud, at first, but reading it in full context, and what happened several posts later, I was taken aback. I had to regretfully repeat what I’ve been saying in several previous posts…I wish humans are as simple as computers, where just some conventions and standards can ensure compatibility between 2 or more parties. This is what posted:

“I admire lizzam dimana walaupun dia masih muda (22 i think) and maseh menuntut di U untuk first degree dia, he is able to write and respond rasionally, objectively and logically . He is also quick and not afraid to apologise if he had misunderstaood anybody. Walaupun anda lebeh tua dari dia, it is ok to learn from him the good things.”

Now anyone else who think their name’s unique…try to Google it and see what comes out!


5 responses to “L.I.Z.Z.A.M”

  1. i dah googled my name..
    takde yg menarik pun.. huhuhu..

  2. self obsess! huh… tu belum lagi bercakap ngn cermin bagi memotivasikan diri…

    remember our chatroom with eelin… huahahah~!

  3. self-obsessed? manade!!! tu la keje aku di waktu lapang. yeah2, im narcisstic. =p

    if i were to goggle my full name, i wont get a thing that’s related to me. =)

    but if ada yg google my full name 3 years ago, s/he would find this one site that i rather not reveal the content to u.. heheh.. dedicated by ‘sumone’.. but it’s no longer there.. rasa lega ada, rasa “huh, he’s over me oledi?” pun ada.. kes3!

  4. nina: Yeke? waybe you’d had to check again 6 month later…

    kaplye: of course aku ingat…hah…obses pada diri sendiri…teringat kat bos kita dulu…

    Intan: I wonder if I know that ‘sumone’…hmmm???

  5. err.. i dunno.. aku kan tak fofular.. takde sapa amik kisah pun. =p

    hey, i just remember we went to same matrix.. yeah, u might know him. either way, the past is the past.. lesson learnt, life goes on. =)