3 Answers

If you could remember some time before I did a Q&A session with my dear readers (that’s you, my dear…) where you asked me 3 questions, and I answered. Due to high demand, I’m going to host another Q&A session…

…but with a twist!

This time, how about if I give you the oppoturnity to give me 3 answers, and I’ll give you a question to related the answers to me. Sounds funny? I hope it does. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll post 3 answers as a comment in this post.
  2. Wait until the 10th of April (West Malaysian Time).
  3. I’ll provide a question for each answer,so that no matter what the answers you gave me, it will be related to me.
    example :
    Your answer ► A: I’m gay.
    My Question ► Q: What would you say to a girl you don’t like who really craves for you but you don’t want to hurt her feelings?

How? Do you think I’m up to it? come on, humor me!


13 responses to “3 Answers”

  1. Here are my answers to the ‘whuh’ questions..

    1. because he is so smart and funny. that’s why. the other guy also smart but there something about him that pulled me off, the one that i’ve been discussing with you.. remember?

    2. i really depend on it. if not i cannot do my works and if i got it i’ll be energetic for weeks.

    3. hell yah! if not why am i telling you about it? are you still with me or you stick to your other view with kaplye?

  2. 1.i only have one answer..so whats the prob?

    2.haiya.. u mau sebok2 apa pasal?

    3.u tak mau tanya sama orang lain ka? apa pasal mau tanya saya suruh saya bagi jawapan jugak haa?

  3. 1. i’m pregnant

    2. senang je

    3. calculating.. calculating (refer mp3 Boboi got new computer)

    [quote]hell yah! if not why am i telling you about it? are you still with me or you stick to your other view with kaplye?[/quote]

    pakcik xde kene mengene dalam ini gambar…

  4. My 3 answers:

    1. As usual.

    2. Yeah, right. Dream on, babe!

    3. Entahler. Susah nak cakap. It all depends…..

  5. 1. Apehal?

    2. Once ot twice a day, it doesn’t matter to me as long as it happens.

    3. Sebab dia kata orang tu memang macam tu sebab tu la dia jadi macam tu jadi ko jangan la risau pasal orang tu kalau tak ko pun jadi macam tu jugak. Paham?

  6. 1. no answer coming out from my mouth but there’s action -i frown.

    2. Sabar je ah.

    3. Saiko duh.

  7. ok, kalo ko nak bg aku free flash banner tu, aku terima jer… ko mmg baik hati.. heh

    Ehm.. aku rasa ko kene wat recordset utk setiap data yg diperlukan bg each database…then ko bind kat field2 dari multiple recordset tu kepada page kosong yg ko dah design utk menyerupai sebuah report book or resume. Then ko wat lak script print using javascript or use pdf print/maker extension.. tak mahal extension tu.. just US$ 25 jer… and.. walaa…. you got what you were asking just now…

    hmm, aku pon tak tau… mmg camtu kot bende tu…

    “and thats my three answer to you three question”

  8. Bro..ni jawapan “ko”:
    1. Emhh..kadang2la. Biasanya tak.
    2. SN la, siapa kata AA?
    3. Herman. (hahaha..aku tak boleh fikir kenapa aku berani letak nama aku sendirik kat sini..harap2 soalan kepada diri ko tu taklah brutal, heheheh)

  9. aiseh…azril (nak panggil ch**mot ke?), ko dah over dateline la…dah kuar pun soalan aku tuh…kena tunggu lain kali la ek…