Sorilah, I cannot make it today….

I’d like to declare first and foremost that I’m not complaining about anybody in particular. It’s a general matter, and if you happen to feel related to the matter, you know who you are. Siapa makan cili dia terasa pedasnya (the chilli’s hot to those who ate it). Jangan monyet…jangan! (refer to the Sang Kancil & Monyet’s animation aired on RTM decades ago).

Amongst the things I hate most are last minute cancelations (LMC). I have endured many of these frustrating occurences in my life, where most of it comes from the same person. It’s okay if it’s for a valid reason and only happens once in a while. But what if it happens many times by the same person?

I have several names in my list of whom I’m reluctant to invite to any occasions for this very reason. Especially if those occasions permit for only 2 attendees (including me). I don’t have to tell who they are. It won’t matter, the damage has been done.

So I believe I’m qualified to say that I’m experienced in this matter, as much that usually if my invitation list consists of those mentioned above, another list would be created as a backup.

This is how I do it. In order to prevent myself from being Institutionalized, I usually rotate my invitation list so I would not be seeing the same person too often. In case the time comes for me to invite these LMC persons, I usually contact another friend, whom I think would like to come along and replace the LMC. I don’t however, disclose the fact that I’m looking for a backup plan, but just asking his/her plan during the time of the invitation. If the LMC did happen, I know who to contact next. No, substitute, won’t do it, more like a saviour.

I will disclose the reason during the meet to the saviour, usually with a dosage of humour and sarcasm directed to the LMC. I’d like to emphasize that I DO NOT treat the savior as a backup. It’s just the invitation list rotates, and I simply skipped the LMC’s turn to invite him/her. That person did save my day by turning up, so s/he’s indeed a saviour.

It may seem as a minor matter, but let me tell you. The frustations of cancelling an event, no matter if it’s only a friendly trip to the movies, are excruciating. And to think that I would have gone with someone better if you had not conformed with me that you’re coming earlier on. Not to mention the frantic SMS and call session that follows right after the cancellation to find a someone else who’se willing to spend time with me in such a short notice. Another thing is to convince the saviour, that s/he’s not merely a substitute.

I know, I’m not always on the receiving end. There are times when I’m also a LMC. Some may even consider me to be in his/her list of LMCs, and write similar posts on their blog about me. If that happens, believe me I’ve made everything in my power (including making faces, audible grunts, and other displaced anger expression methods) to hinder it. I am, however, helpless and should be subjected to punishment.

Yes, I do realize that the LMCs in my lists also have the same problems, but I am a forgiving person. Once or twice, no problem. I’ll be mad, but it’ll dissipate. But if you have a track record of LMCs, I’ll be extra careful when your turn comes up next.

So, if after this I called you out of the blue, and ask you to join me for something in short notice, please don’t feel that you’re a spare-part or something. It’s just that it’s not your turn yet, but since somebody screwed up, you’re next on the list. You’d be bored of I ask you out every weekend, won’t you?

I do sound mean, don’t I?


10 responses to “Sorilah, I cannot make it today….”

  1. I hear you, man. I totally hear you. In fact I just experience it a few times LAST WEEK ALONE.

    I think I’m at the point where, ‘screw you guys, I’ll go anywhere alone’ or ‘that’s it, I’m NOT gonna invite you anymore’.

    *sigh* frustrating, I know.

  2. *thinking hard…… ting!*
    yeah.. me pretty sure me is not in the list.. heehee… :-p

    chill out dude.. forget bout em’.. they are not value added!

    btw.. for us the banker, LMC means Loan Management Centre, where sick loan being treated.. hahah!

  3. lynn: at this point, I’m at screw you, I’m not going to invite you anymore. But as I said, I’m a forgiving person, a novel weakness I have…

    wlady: Don’t worry, I’m more worried I’m the one in YOUR list.

    “value added”, “Loan Management Centre”, I think you studied too much 4 your exam…hehe

  4. eh, lama la i nak tanya lu tapi asik lupa. gambar kambing dulu tu u pakai?
    lupa gak nak bgtau u i bagi consent. pakailah gambar kambing tersengih itu sebaik2nya.


  5. cik PMS: dah guna dah…you can see it in my frenster account and my YM…ramai yang puji woo…

    kaplye: list mana?ko tak leh dah…baru je nak ajak, ko sibuk nak dating…huhu

    cik PMS: waa…nak pegi, tapi kang pegi tak keja lak esoknye…ye la, baby kan memerlukan tido yang cukup. kalau baby kena tido 8jam, bapak baby kena tido 2x ganda!(:-p)

  6. hehe… aku bkn screw ko last minit… tp mase dah hang out.. huahuahua…! ape jadi sume plan2 kite, haru biru…

    da tgk Ice Age… mmg sejuk beku!

  7. cik PMS: liz hurley? ada jodoh kot…macam la fasha sandha yang sama besday dgn I…

    kaplye: baru ko tau, apa rasa jadi tuan minda…