Riang Ria, Telur Hebat, Di McDonalds

Henceforth this post will be fully in Bahasa Melayu for the sake of the context.

Ini ada satu soalan:

Telur siapakah yang paling hebat?

nak tau?

mestilah telur McDonald.

Betul, dia sendiri yang cakap…


13 responses to “Riang Ria, Telur Hebat, Di McDonalds”

  1. what is this ridiculous post? and you actually posted this bullshit in petalingstreet.. haha.. and whats with labelling a picture that belongs to mcdonald with your blogs address on it?

  2. ohh nooo…

    enough already with cheese (some people will understand.. heehee) and now egg?

    whoaa.. now egg and cheese are majot turn off !

  3. hamhamsupsup: and yet here you are, after clicking ont that ridiculous link I posted on PPS. You’re right though, about the picture, so i removed the watermark (that’s what the blog address image is…btw).

    wlady: those two may turn off something, tapi bila lapar…nyumnyum!
    it’s not the food’s fault, it’s how we look at it and our state of mind at that time la

  4. is that original mcD ads?

  5. Dragon City: Yep…it’s the ones they put on your order tray. I still have it, oil stained and all…

  6. wauuww.. telurmu sungguh memikat!

  7. eh, lapa la pulak.

  8. uuu… hebatnya telur beliau. wow!

  9. Orked Avatar

    I never find McD’s egg is amusing.. they’re fatful with horrible taste. Leave the cheese.

  10. lizzam,

    Can you scan the telur ad in full quality for me please???

    I would love to print it out and show it to my lecturer and also my peers at uni.

    Email it to me

  11. kaplye: Bila pulak ko tgk telur aku?

    cik PMS: I pun lapa, jom belanja I makan..

    pyerudz: Memang hebat!Boleh masuk Malaysia Book of Records!

    orked: as a person who doesn’t even like banjo, I had to agree. I usually have the biggest burger there are in any fast food. McD=Big Mac; KFC=Zinger; Burger King=Whopper;A&W=Mozza.

    iz:Yeah, sure. but will they understand the joke, then?explaining a joke and still make it funny is quite a chore for me..

  12. you nak belanja?
    i on je.