The school holidays are about to end. So does the University students’. And I believe there are a lot of procastinators who’s yet to finish their homework or assignments.

Oh, it’s not their fault, really. It’s just surfing the net, chatting, blogging, watching movies, loitering, and other stuff are much more fun than spending a couple of hours a day to do their homework or assignments.

Thus, in good will, Bluqube’s sending this public message to all of you out there, whose holiday will end soon…

Speaking of the devil…today’s 06/06/06! wuuuu….seraaammm….hehe


4 responses to “Public Service”

  1. ko ni dah tahap wajib kawin dude. sabooo.. sabo…

  2. lucahnya gambar..


  3. porno adalah kadang2 sungguh bagus.

  4. kaplye: tapi kalau tak cukup duit kira wajib jugak ke?huhuhu…

    cik PMS: eh, mana ada…lepas siaran kat TV woo..

    aj: haha…can u elaborate on that?