Evening News

An interview with a Malaysian, A (not the person’s real name) about the news last evening,

A: News? Oh Siti’s getting married to Datuk Khalid at last. They’re getting both going to be engaged and bernikah on 21st August, and have 2 wedding receptions on the 28th August and 3rd September. You want me to into details? I can give you some views on what I think about their marriage.

Me: Even Mawi’s story have dimmed out, yes?

A: Yeah. I think there’s no new story on him as yet. But I’ve gotten some inside story on them from my sources. I know a lot of gossips, you know.

Me: No thanks. I think my email inbox is full of them already. by the way, what about the tsunami in Indonesia?

A: Tsunami? Isn’t that an old story. It’s more than a year already.

Me: No, there was a Tsunami in Indonesia yesterday, in Pulau Jawa.

A: Oh, I think I missed that. (Scratches head)

Me: What about Israel’s 7 day long attack on Lebanon? And Hizbullah’s retaliation at Haifa?

A: Haifa? Where’s that? I think I switched channel after that.

Me: oh…ok… (walks away)

Familiar, eh?


9 responses to “Evening News”

  1. there’s a lot more. dont ask them about world current news. just ask them what the latest news about Malaysia except entertainment such as PLPT at London, Parliament issue etc.

  2. lynn: like what they always say; Tak dapek nak nolong eh

    kookabooras: speakingof current news, I’m so sorry I can’t attend the gathering last week. I was tied up. Like you said, kidnapped!

  3. sad but true… while some of our muslim brothers and sisters are being slaughtered in lebanon and palestine… and suffering due to the earthquakes and tsunami at java… some of us malaysians care more about a mega popstar’s wedding to a divorcee businessman who’s twice her age… malaysians, eh???

  4. I kinda glad it’s over. Sick of seeing the not so well-kept secret everywhere filling up the dailies.

  5. muteaudio: media tells us what we want to hear. media teaches us what we want to hear. we then want media to tell what we want to hear. so the media tells us what we want to hear. an endless loop.

    cik PMS: sori darling, sampai 5/8 je camni. jgn sesat ye.

    Zamhar: Maybe we’re just tired of hearing all the bad news that surrounds us, or maybe we just couldn’t care less.

    Orked: seems like the end of Matrix trilogy, and Lord of the ring, the ending is not as grand as the climax. the grand finale is not at the final scene anymore.

  6. too familiar bro ….
    dunno if u came across a caption in NST a week back…

    “if siti adopted a cat it’d be news too..”

    oh well…c’est la vie non?