You must be kidding me…

I don’t care if it’s unscientific or unartistic or what ever, It shows that we just do not care. Go here to change it.


3 responses to “Justified?”

  1. I think it’s fake…
    mcm rancang je cm nie

  2. azril: fake or not, you have to admit that cnn reaches into more minds than most other media, and most importantly, most people from other religion as well. so if it’s a ‘jujur’ poll, we would see who’s side the world is on.

  3. the Jews Laknatullah will aim their missile n bullet to lebanese and palestinian although we vote NO. This is a joke by their proxy, US. Only Allah can save our relative at Lebanon and Palestine right now. Only miracle can save them. So, we as a ordinary human should (only) pray and pray. If u have any idea, please suggest.