Saturday Night Fever

No, I’m not dancing in my garage, or pointing to the sky in a disco, or combing my hair with 2 combs (I’m confused with Grease – plus i have little hair on my head right now). But since last night I’m down with a cold. and worst still, I have a program to code and cannot rest my mind as yet.

Yesterday, on my way back from office, the signs of a cold starts to show. My nose starts a marathon, and my head feels like a rock. I had a hard time concentrating on the road. So, I suddenly remembered a friend’s post about her driving home, rolling the window down, and feeling the night breeze. I thought that would be better for me than aircond. And since she’s in KL, it shouldn’t be worse here.

I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

The traffic never subsided. Haze is still in full swing. Lorries race down the highway, en route to the port. And since I occationally cannot breathe through my nose, letting the dust, dirt and who-knows-what particles going down my throat partially filtered (if you’re wondering why we have mucus and nose hair, that’s why). And if you think second hand smoke from a smoker is bad enough, try a road full of lorries’ second hand smoke.

I hope this Monday would be the climax of my cold, so I could take a day off. Any earlier visit to the clinic would have my fever subside just before I enter the examination room, and starts again after paying the bills.

You see, most common diseases that chose to infect me have a similar trend of infection. On the point of infection, my antibody’s still in relax mode, and starts to shoo away the pathogen diplomatically. This is why usually if I got sick, an epidemic or musim sakit usually follow. I’ll just be amongst the early ones to be sick.

Only if diplomatic measures failed, do my antibodies attack the pathogens. And that’s small attacks to scare them away. Nevertheless, the aftermath of the attacks start to show off as symptoms. In this case, was the sore throat.

But if the pathogen’s still would not go away, my antibodies starts a full blown war. Usually, they’ll try to weaken the pathogens with increasing body temperature and stuff. This time, the symptoms starts to get dirty. But the actual war has not yet started, not until the most oppertune moment.

At one point, when my antibodies think it is time, they start an all out war. The symptoms getting worse, and starts to show even if I hide it. So this is when I chose to have any form of medicine, since it is the long awaited oppertune moment. You see, only during this period does any medicine works best, especially against viral infections. That’s why I usually hold off any medicine if it’s just a common disease.

I feel like the Earth right now.


8 responses to “Saturday Night Fever”

  1. take a good rest and eat ubat. unless you want to take 1 day off on monday, then dont makan ubat la.. go breathe the night breeze..

  2. hmm..not even gonna comment on this one..if i do,it’ll be a long one and bored the heck out of other ppl

  3. dah demam ade ati nak jenjalan sabtu nih.. aku rs ko patut install “myPacman antibacteria/antivirus”. tu software baru utk hapuskan kuman dan bakteria didalam hardisk mahupun badan…

  4. cik PMS : Hai CPMS

    Saya memang budak baik, CPMS

    Awak pun ambil jaga ye.

    mafiaries : Wahaha…sebenarnya aku dah sihat walafiat menjelang tengahari Ahad lepas…Ni demam aku paling cepat kebah…tak selsema pun. Alhamdulillah…

    kaplye : sabtu malam tu aku demam jugak…masa tu climax demam aku…sampai gak KL sampai tgh malam…huhuhu…antibodi kuat beb…