I'm Mad Like Crazy!!! (Aku Marah Gila!!!)

Yes, I am mad like crazy. Just within several hours I’ve had 3 near misses and 2 careless mistakes, and only 1 of those are “innocent”.

First, was after I exited the toll plaza in Bukit Raja. Suddenly there’s a loud horn blowing to my right, and I saw this black Aveo so close to hitting my car. Seriously, I can’t see her from any of my mirrors, and I cant even see her when I glanced to my right. It was a 100% blind spot. (refer to the left pane in Exhibit A)

You see, during my first month of driving, I had several near-misses due to this blind spot. So I made a habit of glancing back everytime I’m changing lanes, or turning into a junction, or anything that needs me to use the side adn rear view mirrors.

So I let it slide. It was neither of our fault. She swerved to the rightmost lane, and I proceed to the middle lane. Seconds later, I heard the same horn blowing. She was actually trying to go to the middle lane (refer to the right part on Exhibit A). I mean, she have already make way to the right, why didn’t she just overtake me and go the middle lane.

Exhibit A

Then, later in the night, I decided to take my sister to the mart. On our way, upon approaching a crossroad, suddenly out of no where, a bicycle dashed across the road, nearly missing being a statistic (refer to Exhibit B). Had I not brake in time, most probably I would be in the blame, since I’m driving the bigger vehicle. Yet thay did not think the dangerous ways these boys are riding their bicycles, crisscrossing the road, and thinking, we can see them in the dark.

Exhibit B

Then I had to go out again. Shaken by the incidents, I chose not to drive, but cycled to my destination. On my way back, there was this Genius, who parked against the road flow, and brilliantly switched on his headlights to full. This caused motorist to be blinded by the light. I was approaching the junction behind the car, when suddenly there a long, loud horn behind me. It seems that a car nearly took me out, since the driver was blinded by the headlight (Refer to Exhibit C). I stopped at the Genius’ car, knocked on his window, and asked him (with the most polite way I could muster while gritting my teeth) to at least switch on his parking lights. I don’t know if the Genius knows what are the parking lights for.

Exhibit C

On a lighter note, I’m worried about my father. He’s starting to forget simple, but important things. Earlier in the afternoon, My father parked at the Shah Alam Mosque, and he rode in my car to KL. When we returned to fetch his car, it seems that he forgot to roll up his window, and it was raining cats and dogs! Better yet, the window was rolled all the way down. It’s still damp on press time.

Then, maybe since he’s in a hurry, when he reaches our house, he left the car keys in the key hole! It was lucky nobody took it onto them to do anything bad. I wonder if he was having a big bowel movement that he had to hurry into the house. Exhibit D is a view, when I was trying to park my car, and saw the key dangling there. Is there any cure or prevention for this absent-minded-ism? I might need it too…since I’ve left the car unlocked and the keys at the motocycle one time too many.

Exhibit D


8 responses to “I'm Mad Like Crazy!!! (Aku Marah Gila!!!)”

  1. absent mindedness… thats not so bad you know… you can always cure it with ebing careful… but alzheimer… now thats something to worry about, but its not you that im worrying on… my grandfather suffers from alzheimer, and its really quite sad..

  2. Hi,

    try to buy the small round “blind spot” mirror that you can stick onto the side mirror. Can’t live without it ๐Ÿ™‚

    besides, helps a lot in parking too because you can see the line on the floor/road. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. tapi myvi mmg macam tu la.
    i sometimes drive Brucie punya adik punya myvi,
    pun mengalami masalah yang sama.

    by the way,
    lukisan beskaltu tak clear lah.
    sila perbaiki design anda.


  4. makan kismis dengan lebih pesat lagi! ia bagus untuk memori.
    sekian, terima kasih.

  5. kaz : Now that’s scary. Reminds me of “Something to Remember”, a korean movie, and “The Awakenings” starring Robin Williams

    dwayne : Well, I’ll consider on that. Thanks for the thought!

    cik PMS : Tah la. Side mirror Myvi dah cukup capang dah…sampai mat2 despatch suka langgar. tapi tak ampak jugak.

    tu lukisan masa marah. kalau atas kertas time marah lagi artistik (read:buruk)

    pyerudz : makan kismis byk2 tak kena kencing manis ke?

  6. remind me never to let you near my sister’s kelisa.

    revenge, its sweet.

  7. oi jom reramai tengok wayang!
    ok la, ok la, kookabooras boleh datang la..

  8. lamb : elleh…tak hingin de…

    cik PMS : jom kookabooras…cik PMS nak belanja tu…bukan senang nak dapat offer macam ni…