Shima went nuts after dealing with her coconut drink
Syidah, Kak Mimi and her son, Bazli
An obvious attempt to look cute…
…and an attempt to look sweet.
The Table
The (now compulsory) Cheeky Pose©
Storming into Vision Works’ Office. Remind’s me of a scene in 3 Abdul, when Abdul Wahub’s “donating” his father in-law’s store.
Doodle Mural…unluckily the two pwintheth didn’t come…
DJ : It’s not easy to do that scene, you know. It has to look natural, while adhering to the etiquette. And mine can’t go when people are looking!

Cuki : Oooo…

Proof of Afdlin’s passion on Action Figures
Wan And Eina
Anne, Cuki and Mafiaries
Afdlin: Korang nak tgk magic? Bila aku tekan je butang ni…
Afdlin : …Pling!!! Tetiba ada cap atas kepala korang.
Crowd : uuuuuu….
… No Comments…
“Korang ni memang nak dera aku la. Aku nak sikat rambut pun tak larat pun kena sain gak…”

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p/s : I feel very sorry for Nina’s incident that night. Hope you’re well now.


3 responses to “iKodok . iFtar”

  1. blurryreen Avatar

    zam,will u be in klang for this raya or u’r going off somewhere?

  2. Reen : The plan was to be at home at least until the 2nd Syawal, but afterwards depends entirely to impromptu plans. anything dear?nak dtg beraya?meh la…kol dulu ye

  3. trick or threat!