Reminds Me of Someone

I wonder who… (:p)


12 responses to “Reminds Me of Someone”

  1. u cant b seriyes?!

  2. intan : betul….tak tipu. tak taula kalau budak tu nak mengaku kat sini atau tak

  3. i dont know who u mean but im owning up. i do that to my wallpapers of fredrik ljungberg, karl urban, channing tatum, wentworth miller, eddie izzard, viggo mortensen… should i go on?

  4. i’m gonna lari topik, macam biasa.

    do you know that Deathnote’s coming out on November 6th?

    i’m the happiest girl on earth!

  5. i think loads of people experienced this situation. heehee..

    give some good clue, so that i can guess.. 😀

  6. ahh.. that’s just a monitor-friendly guy, kan? kan? kan?

  7. wadda! ni kes naya ni.

  8. hehehe… very funny…

  9. lamb : No wonder your PC was infeced by virus. It came from your slobbering smooch!

    cik PMS : November 6th?kuar panggung ke?

    wlady : hahah…I don’t want a lawsuit from that guy…

  10. Pyerudz : I think it’s waaaayyy beyond friends already.

    Kookabooras : If you live amongst geeks, there’s a highg chance either you know this kind of peeps, or you’re one of them.

    Kaz : I know what you did last semester…hahaha

  11. keluar panngung la !!

    i read it somewhere, but now i forgot where. biasalah, i kan momento.

  12. cik PMS :Memento la…u pun tatu satu badan gak ke?nak tgk…