Open House @ Farrah's

A 3-open-houses-in-a-row trip ended in a 2-open-house-and-loiter session, as the weather discouraged us from braving the traffic to Selayang. A trip to a colleague of mine’s open house, then fetched Kerol, Wan and Ana and off we go to Farrah‘s house in Sg. Besi. A bit of U-turning occured, since somebody missed the block number by 20, but we were there nevertheless.

We thought of going to Selayang, but Selayang from Sg. Besi, is like crossing the whole of KL, and we don’t want to do it in that weather and traffic. So we braved ourselve to excuse ourselves, being sulked at (is this correct?), and went to KLCC instead, to enjoy the KL view after the rain.

For those who do not know, KL after a heavy downpour, is usually a favoured time for photographers, and scenery lovers alike. Everything is crystal clear. The air is somewhat fresh, and refreshing. Kerol and me even rolled down the window to enjoy the night breeze, although upon entering Klang, the haze returned.