Photos of Reunion ex-MBS batch 1990-1995

Gathering cost : RM 120.00

Toll and Fuel : RM 60.00

Enjoying a BBQ long lost friends in a 5-star beachside resort: Priceless!

For those who’d want the photos for the reunion held in PD last 20th Jan, please leave your email in the comments section.

If you worry leaving your emails here would lead to spam, then write (a) instead of @. For example, should be written as someone(a) I’ll email you the photos in 2 emails, each containing zip files 6MB and 4MB each. Just unzip, and enjoy!!!

If you have any problem downloading them (i.e. Your company emails blocks all zip file attachments), write in the comments on how should I send you the photos. If it’s in my powers to do it, then I’ll do my best!


13 responses to “Photos of Reunion ex-MBS batch 1990-1995”

  1. Thanks Shahrul and faizah…your emails have been sent..please check to see if the files are corrupted or not…you can always contact me via this or my YM if there’s anything…


  2. hey bro… thanx a lot for being there with me together together menjayakan gathering kita ni. Amacam BM gua… yelah korang asyik kutuk BM aku je kan so sekarang aku akan membanyakkan membaca. Yang penting aku tak akan repeat “Kuih kuih muih muih” & “air dah pendek” k… wei aku nak gambar tau…. love u bro…
    -Aishah Adam- my email