I've Met My Long Lost Love

The last time I saw her, was when I’m in Form 4, or was it Form 5…I can’t really recall, but it was quite a long time ago. After I finished my Secondary School, We lost contact, and although I heard news of her from friends who went and visit her, I did not have the chance to meet her myself.

The last time we met, it was a splash! We got lost track of time, and before we know it, it was time to part. At that time, when I was wet for being inside her, there was this incomparable feeling. I felt calm, and relaxed as her cold touch brush along my body, as I lay down on the rocky bed.

A couple of weeks ago, I dreamt of her. Thanks to a friend who mentioned about going to meet her, and inviting me to join her. I was occupied at that time, so I can’t accept the invitation.

And so I made a visit on my own. Accompanied by several friends, I actually managed to meet my long lost love…

A River!

I’m the kind of person who’d prefer river over sea and lakes any time. Especially if the river is upstream, where it is still cool, refreshing. I’ve lived by the sea for 3 years before, and only once did I dipped in it.

But ever since I got an invitation to go bathing in a river a someone’s home last year, I’ve been trying to plan an outing to the river. Only that I don’t know the way, and only last week did I get to get the proper wheels turning.

Thanks to both Farrahs, Farrah’s brother and niece, Ana, Wan, Mira and her sister Imah, for reuniting me and my love.

Enjoy the pics!

Then, we went off to KLCC for the Kegemilangan Sains dalam Tamadun Islam exhibition. On the way to KLCC, it was announced that the road to KLCC is closed for the Le Tour De Langkawi race. Because of that, we get to see people taking advantage to walk on the streets themselves, since cars were not allowed to enter between 3-6pm.


2 responses to “I've Met My Long Lost Love”

  1. which river is this?

  2. Sungai Congkak.. didn’t go to Sg. Gabai, the girls resent the climbings…hehe