Confusing Hormones

Am I really in need of a hug, or am I just plain ‘gersang’ (desperate)?

Darn these confusing hormones…


8 responses to “Confusing Hormones”

  1. err.. both kot.

    what hormones?!

  2. Intan : Hopefully it is so, at least I’m half as bad as I thought I were.

    Hormon alahaiomakakunakkawingen kot?

  3. i’m guessing progesterone. =D

    *hugs* good to have u back. i was trying the bluqube url the other day to no avail of course.

  4. i think ure gersang.

  5. cik PMS : lebih kurang ar..

    chloe : ape tu? thanks for the hug…lost bluqube URL, had to change to lizzam, but it’s still as good as ever.

    rotidua : i think ure right. gersang is my middle name

  6. you’re just in heat probably… it might be the mating season for your species…

  7. Zamhar : I totally agree!