I'm Haunted…

…by this video of what seems like a daytime robbery. The car is of similar make and model as mine, and see how easy they did it?I don’t know if those men are actually some repo men or working with DBKL to tow that car, but what haunts me is how fast they can get away with a brand new Myvi.

Now I’m thinking of installing an extra security system. Any ideas?


4 responses to “I'm Haunted…”

  1. erm.. if they need to tow that car, why the need to open the car?

    if they work for Perodua or somekind of bank because the owner didn’t pay for the car for few months, they should have keys to it. And they should find the owner before they took it right?

  2. ic3dlatt3 : I can’t confirm you on that, but the thing that bothers me, was it is fairly simple to have your car stolen in less than 5 minutes, with the right tools, of course!

  3. lets get together and do sumthing.
    i have some weekends on august open.
    im sure u owe me lunch or something.

  4. diorang bukak pintu sebab nak tarik handbrake kot?