More Than Meets July

Looking at the company’s event calendar, July looked as boring as ever… not much to be expected. But, true to the Transformers‘ tag line: More Than The Eyes, July managed to throw in a few surprises.

9th July:
On the very day I got hold of my salary (I got the cheque on the 7th, but only managed to clear it on the 9th), something silly happened. It all started a year ago, when I bought a maintenance-free battery for my sis’ car. Somehow, the battery looked similar to mine, so (the last time i checked car batteries, they still have the 6 protruding caps instead of the current design, okay…) I assume, that my battery, which comes with My, was also a maintenance-free battery.

So, I bothered no more to check it. As a result, I got a dry battery in my car…resulting in me using my company’s jump-start battery, and the lab’s distilled water to start it. So, I had to spent my salary on my battery first, 4 days before I was supposed to send the car in for servicing. But it did make me wonder, didn’t Perodua people check my car when I sent it for servicing 5000km before… 🙁

18th July
On the way home from my sis’ house, This happened:

Okay…don’t worry, nothing bad happened to My. This was an accident that happened on that day. The driver (a Chinese female) failed to notice a stalled trailer (and its hazard sign) and slams into it without even braking (there were no trace of tire tracks).

The Myvi’s crumple zone was sufficient to absorb most of the impact, but since she was not wearing any seatbelts, she was thrown onto the dashboard, snapping the steering wheel into 2 and banged her head on the windshield so hard, you can see the spiderweb in the picture.

The only thing I managed to help, was to lend my hazard sign, secure her car (apply handbrakes, and switch on her hazard lights), and to find her phone (which I believe is the cause of this accident). We didn’t dare to move her, since she most probably had broken her ribs and hip/leg. Her thigh impacted the steering wheel so hard, it broke into 2. I guessed it was her thigh, since she did hit her head quite high on the windshield. Those familiar with Myvis can confirm this.

She was traumatized, but not serious enough (to our naked eyes) to risk moving her inappropriately, so we decided to wait for the ambulance. after all, it was just a 10KM journey to the Hospital Klang.

An off duty Plus official called in his friends and the ambulance, which was stationed about 2 KM away. Yes, this happened 2KM away from Sungai Rasah Toll. But when I was leaving 45 minutes later, Nobody from PLUS was there at the accident.

After me and the PLUS fella (we were the 1st there), next came in the guys with the walkie talkies. Yes, also known as the vultures, the tow truck came 40 minutes earlier than the ambulance. The funny thing was the first thing that I heard when they arrived.

Tow Truck Man (TTM) : Sapa owner? Mau tarik ka?
PLUS Man : Owner ada dalam (pointing to the semi-conscious bleeding girl slumped on her seat)
TTM : AIYOO!! Owner ada dalam ka? *panics*

The girl’s parents came after 30 minutes, and carried her to the hospital/clinic using their car. Judging from the girls screaming when she was carried, she did have bones fractured. After sending off the girl, the tow truck man now aims the father to tow the girl’s car. By this time, I think I better make a move.

Just when I’m collecting my hazard sign, the police came, and the first thing I heard from them was, that the tuck driver should push the trailer to the side to avoid such accident. I was amazed by the ingenuity of the idea. A single driver must push a 20 tonne truck with a trailer load to the side alone.

Only then, did the ambulance zooms into the scene. At this point, I’m increasing my respect to the Fire Department.

All this time, the only thing the truck driver was thinking, was he did put on his hazard lights and his hazard sign, so it was not his fault.

19th July
Although this didn’t happen to me, it happened to my close friends. One of my friends, who’s working at home, was somehow got locked inside her own house. Her door knob can unlock, but won’t open, and she can’t exit her house. It was only in the evening, did her friends came and broke the knob. But this was not the main event.

Later in the evening, I got a call from another friend who’s also living in the same house, saying that the house above them (it’s an apartment) was on fire. If the door was jammed at the time, it would be disastrous. Luckily, the Fire Department arrived and managed to contain the fire from spreading to other units.

The fire was caused by a kid playing with fire. So kids, fire is not a toy.

20th July
All of the sudden, I just got this urge to IM a close friend of mine, to plan for the weekend. Then he told me, that his sister was involved in a snatch theft, and was hospitalized. I hurried to the hospital after work, to visit her.

It seems that in the act of snatching her bag, her hand was pulled in such a way, that she broke some bone in her shoulder, so an operation had to be made to install a support rig to help her bones to re-align and re-join.

There’s also another shocking, but happy news, of something that’s planned to happen end of this year or early next year. I’ll confirm this when It’s confirmed. Won’t want me to a rumour-monger, would I?

30th July
This is also a news I would like to postpone writing about, but for the sake of linking it to July, I’ll give you a hint. I was offered something, but it was not worth the trouble I will be getting into so I denied the offer. This happened in the morning, and until the evening, no further news was heard. Just when I had forgotten all about the offer, I got an even better offer that, in fact, surpasses even my highest expectations.

Even my parents who was against the offer since day one suddenly got excited about it. So, sometime this year, my life will change, either for the better or the worst, only time will tell.

All this in 1 month? Quite a lot, right? There’s also some things that happen to me which I do not wish to discuss in a blog, And some that’s not worth it to be written at all, but all these things that happened this month, was More Than Meets July….