I Need To Watch More TV

BluQube : Lynn, nak tanya…
Craptaculars : yes?
BluQube : hehe….takpe…
BluQube : dah dapat dah
Craptaculars : heheh sorry
Craptaculars : lamat reply
Craptaculars : tgk ANTM 😀
BluQube : ANTM?
BluQube : Antara Nepal To Malaysia?
BluQube : :p
Craptaculars : yes hahaha
Craptaculars : america’s next top model laa
BluQube : oooo….hehehehe….


2 responses to “I Need To Watch More TV”

  1. I’m so touched you put our conversation in your blog.

    Pls watch ANTM for lots of bitching and bickering of beautiful women, haha!

  2. Lynn : Well, I told you I’m gonna post it, yah?women bitching and bickering?gi kedai kat depan tu pun cukup dah…tapi tak semestinya beautiful la..