How to Handle Your Nagging Mother In Law

When I heard this over the radio this morning, I thought ‘Cool!’. No, seriously. While many of those who’s married have said that they just want to kill their nagging mother in law, this guy took it to the next level and beyond.

Not only he tried to kill his MIL, he fired a anti-tank missile onto her house, but when that didn’t kill her, he tried to finish her off with a machine gun, but failed. 

He was then sentenced 6 years in prison.
Come to think of it, while i would give him 9/10 in implementation, he fails in the finishing part. and for the MIL, maybe you can find John Rambo somewhere in here bloodline.

Bosnian man Miroslav Miljici wanted revenge after blaming his wife’s mum for the break-up of his marriage.

After his mother-in-law survived the rocket attack on her home, he tried to finish her off with a machine gun, a Bosinian court was told.

The tough-as-nails mother-in-law survived both attacks with barely a scratch, judges heard.

In defence Miljici – who was jailed for six years for attempted murder – told the court he could no longer take his mother-in-law’s nagging. – Daily Telegraph


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